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Acute Oncology Clinical Guidelines

A clinical guidelines app providing health professionals with access to a knowledge database that would otherwise require very specific training


Developed with the London Cancer Alliance

(now Royal Marsden Partners)
Easy access to knowledge database helps patient triage
Quick referral improves patient's chances of recovery

The brief

Knowing when and how to escalate patients to a cancer specialist can be particularly complicated, especially when they come in via the A&E department.

The solution

The Acute Oncology app, developed with the London Cancer Alliance (now Royal Marsden Partners) provides a way for doctors, nurses and other health professionals to access a knowledge database that would usually require very specific oncological training. They can use this knowledge to triage the patients presenting in front of them. For more serious cases, the app provides the contact details of all local specialists in this field.


The results

Spotting a cancer even slightly earlier, knowing more specific information about it and being able to make a referral to an appropriate oncologist within minutes can have a huge impact on patients’ experience and chances of recovery.

A specific version of the Acute Oncology app was developed for the Wessex Strategic Cancer Network which covers Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight, an area of 2.8 million people. This version included clinical contacts pertinent to the local area. Best practice guidelines developed by the LCA are provided together with round-the-clock contact details of oncology specialists in the Wessex region.


"The acute oncology app is an amazing teaching tool. It is very practical and easy to use. I recommend it to colleagues both in emergency settings and staff working in oncology, as well as to medical and nursing students and primary care colleagues."

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Acute Oncology Service, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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