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BeYou+ app created for people living with HIV

BeYou+, an innovative mobile app which provides reliable, up-to-date information and guidance for people living with HIV, funded and developed in a partnership between Imagineear and CW+, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s charity, is now available to download.

The app was designed by Darren Brown, a Specialist Physiotherapist in Infectious Diseases, Oncology and Palliative Care at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, to help those living with HIV take care of their body, mind and life.

BeYou+’s three sections – body, mind and life – provide always-updated helpful advice, guidance and information specific to the user’s requirements. It offers practical tools to help users manage their own health by setting goals, monitoring personal health and medication information, setting reminders that sync with their calendar and much more. Users are sent daily reminders to work towards their goals and they receive rewards when they achieve their targets. Patient confidentiality is secured with a personalised four-digit passcode required to access the app, and all data is locally stored on their device, so is not vulnerable to interception in the cloud.

Darren Brown said:

“People living with HIV are now able to use this app to focus on being healthy, living well and achieving their goals. To have specific, reliable, up-to-date information provided in a convenient and accessible way, means users can access what they need, when they want it, which is great. I am passionate about my work and the people I work with on a daily basis so I am really excited that my idea has been transformed into BeYou+”.

BeYou+ was part funded through an initiative between CW+ and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, called the Enterprising Health Partnership. This initiative funds and supports innovative ideas from hospital staff which will make a real difference to patients’ lives and which generate revenue or real cost savings for the hospital. Imagineear matched this funding to create the app.

BeYou+ is now available to download on Apple and Android devices.



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