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Give a hand for Hand Therapy version 2!

The award-winning version 1 of the Hand Therapy app, produced by Imagineear for the

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has now been surpassed by the

newly-released version 2.

The new version provides 44 additional video exercises and new beneficial functionality for

people rehabilitating from hand, wrist, finger and thumb injuries.

Working collaboratively with Hayley Fay, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Lead for Hand

Therapy at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Imagineear provided

expert video recording and editing services to produce the new video exercises, recorded

over two days in the cinema suite at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital under pandemic


Filmed with special permission during lockdown, Imagineear used a dual camera set-up to

capture wide and close up footage of clinically approved exercises, whilst simultaneously

recording narration from Hayley Fay.

In addition to the new video content, Imagineear further developed Hand Therapy to include

new features that allow patients to set goals towards recovery, track progress by recording

the number of exercises completed, video record tailored exercises under supervision to

upload into their home programme, and a video loop option allowing patients to easily repeat

the core footage of a specific exercise.

Winning “The Christina Allegri award for Innovation in Hand Therapy at this year’s

international hand conference was a tremendous accolade and testimony to what we have

achieved in using smartphone technology to support the patients journey to recovery. The

delivery of more video content, personalised exercise programmes, educational treatment

information with goal setting aims to further improves comprehension and compliance with

home rehabilitation. I look forward to measuring the apps impact through our planned

evaluation work.” – Hayley Fay, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Lead for Hand Therapy

at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


For further information please contact:

Julia Laflin Imagineear Ltd

About Imagineear Health

Imagineear Health is a specialist healthcare division of Imagineear Ltd, a multi-award-winning media company providing multimedia solutions for visitor attractions and the cultural sector. The health division grew out of a hybrid project with CW+ at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, where Imagineear pioneered 'art as therapy' solutions with the hospital’s outstanding art collection. In the decade since, Imagineear has brought our best practice app-building focus and tool-set to health issues about which we feel strongly, and where, as a company we feel we can make a small but positive difference to the world.


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Imagineear Health is a Division of Imagineear Ltd, The Compton Rooms, Fulham Palace, Bishops Avenue, London SW6 6EA

Imagineear Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom No. 06887633

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