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Our process


Quick, intuitive UX

It's at the heart of what we do. Everything stems from unmet end-user needs; articulating and meeting these needs is an important measure of our success. Our team optimises app design, creation and delivery using quick and iterative agile project management, with a strong focus on repeated end-user testing, whether with patients or clinicians, or both.

Agile and responsive

Using an agile development methodology, we follow creative solution brainstorming with continuous build releases, integrating all-stakeholder feedback into every iteration, thus allowing innovative concepts to evolve into measurably successful applications. Central to our app development process is the ongoing governance, review and revision programme that is at the heart of safety and compliance in a healthcare setting.



Ensuring our apps are safe, secure, reliable and compliant is a key focus of our work. In addition to our app governance structure we undertake a broad spectrum of review, testing, documentation and independent assessment to ensure our apps comply with best practice standards and protocols. We have significant experience working with NHS teams to complete appropriate audits and supply the relevant document as required.


We adhere to NHS app development protocols which require continual review, assessment and documentation. Imagineear Health works closely with NHS Digital on the assessment and approval process required to submit our apps for inclusion to NHS Digital Apps Library.


GDPR compliance, data protection and security

App technical infrastructure assessment and stability review

App code security testing, provided by an independent NHS approved code verification specialist

Ongoing usability and accessibility review and adaption

Platform interoperability

Full documentation including clinical safety reports with risk assessments and hazard logs

Monthly compliance reviews



Imagineear Health’s products are supported by a rigorous clinical governance structure. We partner with leaders in their field to continually review and assess clinical information. We develop our apps with our clients and partners to ensure they meet the needs of specific target audiences, and are tested and developed in line with the governance team's key objectives. 


Clinical governance committee

Monthly/twice monthly governance meetings

Documented activity logs and updates

Compliance reviews

Version control

App content reviews


Analytics and data analysis



We really thrive on cooperation and partnership and we actively welcome approaches from third parties. We regularly work with different types of partner, including individual clinicians, clinical teams, healthcare organisations, charities and resellers.


Clinicians and local, regional or national clinical groups often see ways to improve health outcomes with our digital expertise
Governance and review teams expert in underlying medical conditions ensure our digital work is compliant, accurate and up-to-date
Surgeries, hospitals, and charities work work with us for improved process control and better healthcare outcomes
We focus primarily on EU organisations, but are ready to discuss projects from further afield, and in any language


Many of our UK apps can be adapted and licensed for delivery to patient groups outside the UK
We work with technical translation teams for all major languages
We have adopted several cooperation models, but we are open to alternative approaches that suit the context


If you would like an initial discussion without commitment, please contact us.  We look forward to the conversation.


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Imagineear Health is a Division of Imagineear Ltd, The Compton Rooms, Fulham Palace, Bishops Avenue, London SW6 6EA

Imagineear Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom No. 06887633

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