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David Hoskins develops further at Imagineear

Eighteen months on from joining Imagineear as a Multimedia Designer and Developer, David Hoskins has now been promoted to the newly created role of Head of Development and User Experience, reflecting how the company has grown in that time and how David’s advanced skills, experience and innovative mindset has helped Imagineear on its mission to push its capabilities forward.

App development for cultural and healthcare clients is a major part of Imagineear’s work for clients and 2019 has begun with many new apps to build in-house. David will lead on the development of these apps, focusing on how to secure the best user experience on the development journey and how to maintain the usefulness and longevity of the consumer and b2b apps created.

David will also be responsible for contributing to Imagineear’s internal product development, mainly on software and the creative use of software and for leading with Design Director Vasileios Karageorgos on UI and UX development.

David’s background includes creating exciting interactive products for museums, visitor attractions and exhibitions globally and this, together with his MSc in User Experience Design, means he will continue to contribute value to Imagineear’s clients in these fields and to be able to vigorously evaluate our new and existing productions and technologies.



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