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Personalised Imagineear interactive experience puts healthcare professionals in patients’ shoes

MCCGLC, creative innovation specialists at landmark events, asked Imagineear to realise its ambitious concept for their tier 1 global pharmaceutical client at a recent congress event.

MCCGLC’s ambition for their client was to put visitors in the shoes of the client’s target beneficiaries. This involved creating a personalised and immersive experience, and using session data to construct key user insights in real time.

From the outset, Imagineear advised extensively on the experience design, visitor experience routing, systems design and integration. In a rapid and collaborative implementation the Imagineear team also built the digital experience to MCCGLC’s specifications and delivered technical integration with the congress delegate database, while capturing user data for realtime display and analysis for MCCGLC’s client.

“We were delighted to be working with such a technically creative and innovative team on this project,”

says Clare Cooper-Hammond, MD of Imagineear.

“MCCGLG had very clear ambitions for this immersive and interactive experience, and we were able to respond quickly thanks to our experience designing visitor handheld multimedia and our work in healthcare”.



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